Historical Fiction by Ronald Haines

Ronald finds the study of history and historical people fascinating and he believes that people are really no different now than they were even thousands of years ago in terms of their motivations, desires, prejudices and biases. Historical fiction by Ronald Haines are novels which have been well researched for historical fact, and through Ronald’s characters readers will be put inside the heads of the people who were there, living it.

Roman Britain

Ronald’s first historical novel, Wolf at the Threshold, is the epic story of early Roman Britain including the invasion by the Roman Emperor Claudius, the rise and fall of Queen Boudica, cultural differences between Romans and the tribes of Britannia, the misunderstandings of Emperor Nero, the plans of the druids to unite Britain, racism, attitudes towards slavery, historical battles, gladiators and gladiatrix, and ending with the great fire of Rome.  As well as exciting adventure, the story is told as a romance between the fictional characters Ceridwen, an Iceni princess and closest friend of the princess who becomes Queen Boudica, and Marek, an Egyptian cavalryman serving as an officer in the Roman legions.

Bahamas Pirates

Ronald’s current project is the continuing research into the actual lives of the new world pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries and writing their stories.  So much of what has been told, and what is in the popular media, about these well known pirate names is incorrect, with their real stories being much more fascinating.  The results of the historical research and information about this series of books is available on my Bahamas Pirates website.  The novel, Love, Lust & Passion:  The Real Story of the Pirate Anne Bonny, is the first in the series about the actual pirates.  Researching the life of Anne Bonny led to the discovery that the well established story of her, along with her association with another woman pirate Mary Read, is in fact all wrong.  A more detailed history of the lives of these two women pirates and their chronology is available on the Anne Bonny and Mary Read website.

After the golden age of piracy came to a close in the 1720s  the pirates who remained in the Bahamas and their descendants became smugglers, wreckers and blockade runners, in addition to bouts of piracy and privateering.   For most of the eighteenth century the American colonies relied heavily upon the services of this new breed of ‘pirates of the Bahamas’ to avoid British taxation, and indeed they were instrumental to the American colonies gaining their independence.  The story of these historical events is told in a series of historical adventure and romance novels through the eyes of the fictional children of Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham and Mary Read.  The first book in this series is Pirates of the Bahamas, which sets the stage and introduces the two main characters.  More information, both the history and the books, is available at the Pirates of the Bahamas website.

And, of course, in all cases where pirates are involved, there will be rum.