After an idyllic childhood in England, college education and a very successful working life as a scientist, corporate manager, and entrepreneur in America, Ronald ‘retired’ to the Bahamas for the next phase of his life as an author.  He has published in several genres in the past, including both contemporary fiction and non-fiction, but his primary focus going forward is the adventure and romance of historical fiction and sharing his views on individualism in the modern world through his pages and works about existential humanism.

Ronald is goal directed, self-motivated, and a big believer in individual freedom and its requisite companion, personal responsibility. You’ll find these traits expressed throughout his writing.  He genuinely enjoys the process of writing and can be totally immersed in whatever world he is creating for hours at a time. But when not at his desk writing, you’ll find him walking the beach, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, or generally exploring Grand Bahama Island.