The Pirate Project

The pirate project is about English pirates in the Caribbean, determining the circumstances that created them, examining the actual lives of the famous golden age pirates, and understanding the importance of pirates to the American colonies. It is broken down into three parts.

Part 1: The Pirates You Thought You Knew

The Pirates You Thought You Knew delves into the actual lives and motivations of the most famous golden age pirates based on historical research rather than conventional wisdom about them. This section examines the historical lives of the well known golden age pirates, separating fact from 300 years of embellishment of stories that were not quite accurate in the first place, and presenting them as accurately as research permits. A series of novels, Real Pirate Stories, will reveal the real life and motivation of each of the pirates you thought you knew.

Part 2: Pirates of the Bahamas

Bahamas Pirates explores how the American colonies depended upon piracy from the end of the golden age through the American Revolution. This is revealed in a book series seen through the eyes of the fictitious characters Jack Read, son of Mary Read and Jack Rackham, and Mary Burleigh, daughter of Anne Bonny.

Part 3: The Politics of Piracy

The Politics of Piracy examines how piracy in the Caribbean was supported by English monarchs from Elizabeth 1st to Queen Anne because it furthered national interests. But when the house of Hanover replaced the line of Stuarts and King George ascended to the British throne, the pirates were suddenly considered enemies of the state. When Britain then attempted to control the American colonies previously freewheeling trade, the colonists turned to the pirates living in the Bahamas for assistance.